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Covered by Insurance



Insurance, warranty and assistance described below are included in the price of a lease as quoted on the Models, Rates and Reservations page.

Insurance includes civil liability, zero-deductible comprehensive, collision, theft, vandalism, fire and act-of-God coverage. This all-inclusive coverage combined with a new car factory warranty makes for unequaled security and peace of mind. The vehicle is insured and supported by over 7,000 Peugeot service agents in France and over 12,000 throughout Europe. Peugeot's network of service and support is both comprehensive and competent.


Who is Covered ?

  The contract titleholder as well as any other qualifying drivers and passengers, up to the authorized maximum number of passengers indicated on the vehicle's registration certificate.
  The vehicle itself, registered under the French special category "T" for tourist.
  Your vehicle is covered by a zero-deductible policy providing the following coverages:
  Civil liability of the driver (including liability for passengers).
  Fire or theft of the vehicle (duly reported to the police).
  Nicks, dings, scratches, broken windows  
  Damages incurred by accidents involving the vehicle, including acts of vandalism (duly reported to the police).  
  A summary of the coverage is provided on the insurance certificate furnished at the time of delivery.  
  Please note: transported luggage and personal belongings are not insured against loss, theft or damage. Please refer to the Resources Page for Agents offering personal belongings insurance.  
  During the time the Peugeot Open Europe contract is valid, the client has the benefit of fully comprehensive, zero-deductible insurance included in the cost of the lease.