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There are quite a number of websites equivalent to America's It's been mentioned before, but probably the best site is It produces detailed European itineraries that are easy to follow, accurate and include very reasonable driving times. Here's an example. Let's say you need to know about driving from Reims, France to Strasbourg, France. Plug those names into the website and you get:

  Your itinerary : Reims-51050 - Strasbourg-67000
  216 mi in 3h00 (including 213 mi by motorway in 2h50)  
Departure: Reims-51050
Destination: Strasbourg-67000
Departure the: 05/11/2003
Type: Recommended by Michelin
Motorway tolls: 13 GBP

Driving Directions:
Time  Distance  Instructions
N44 / E46 for 0.6 mi
0.2 mi
A4 / E17 / E50 for 18.6 mi
Roadwork on A4 to the North-East of Billy-le-Grand·: delays possible in both directions
19 mi
Châlons-en-Champagne (passing close by)
A4 / E50 for 91.4 mi
111 mi
Maizières-lès-Metz (passing close by)
A4 / E25 / E50 for 33.7 mi

Freyming-Merlebach (passing close by)
A4 / E25 for 69.3 mi
Exit 51, Strasbourg Centre, Avenue des Vosges, Robertsau, Palais de l'Europe
A35 / A350 junction for 1.2 mi
Pl. de Haguenau for 0.1 mi

215 mi

R. de Bischwiller for 0.1 mi
R. du Travail for 0.1 mi
R. de Sébastopol for 0.1 mi
0.1 mi
Quai Kellermann for 0.2 mi
Quai Schoepflin for 0.2 mi

03h00 216 mi Strasbourg

It shows you how long the trip will take (3 hours), and how many miles it is (216 miles, 213 of which are on the freeway). You'll also notice that it alerts you to road construction and delays along the way. Thus it is a good idea to print out your final itinerary as close to your trip as practical. That way you'll have all the latest road advisories in hand. Plug in your departure hotel address and your arrival hotel address and the website will guide you all the way. Need maps? Click on 'Entire Route' and you get:

Need to see a more detailed map of your destination? Zoom in: