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Service stations are just as abundant in Europe as in the US. The only difference seems to be that European service stations are cleaner.

Almost all stations have both gasoline and diesel fuels. Gasoline is expensive in Europe --about double that of the US. However, European cars are more fuel-efficient than their US counterparts. All things considered, the cost of fuel is not a terribly significant item in your travel budget. Let's conservatively say that your Peugeot averages 24 mpg and that you will be driving about 1,200 miles while in Europe. This means that you'll be using about 50 gallons of gasoline and that will cost about $200-240. See. Fuel is not very much in the scheme of things.

Distances in Europe are not as large as in the States. For example, it's only 850 miles from Paris to Rome and, according to Michelin, you can drive that comfortably in about 12 hours. Spacing these miles out over 4 or 5 driving days in a 15-17-day trip reduces the driving to very comfortable distances.

Now let's talk about diesel fuel. Diesel is available everywhere in Europe and costs 35% less than gasoline. Combine this with the fact that diesel-powered cars get mileage of at least 30 mpg, and the cost of fuel becomes almost unimportant in planning the trip. It's for this reason that we strongly suggest leasing diesel-powered Peugeot models. Today's diesel-powered vehicles perform just as well as their gasoline-powered counterparts and are just as quiet.